Friday, October 6, 2023

Second wave of the archive move


The movers hard at work!

The storage section is organized by regional area. Art, books, and items that may not be kept are there.

Books in boxes, ready to be gone through.

Books about our foundress, Blessed Mary Angela, are kept together.

Monday, May 15, 2023

Photos from my time in Warsaw, Poland


I just spent two weeks in Warsaw, Poland. I went for an archives meeting and stayed for the sites! This first photo is of the tomb of our foundress, Blessed Mary Angela. 

We're in the bedroom of our foundress. She lived here for years.

The group of sisters who attended the meeting.

At the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

A close up of our group at the museum.

Some of our sisters who were at the meeting with the postulant from Warsaw.

The symbol of the Warsaw Uprising, visible throughout the city.

Our property in Warsaw.

A statue of our foundress on the property.

A memorial plaque of the sister who led our congregation during World War 2. She served time in a prison camp for our outreach on behalf of the Jewish people.

At the meeting.

At the meeting.

Entry door. Says: Felician Sisters Mary, Queen of Poland Province

A group of our sisters at an outing

Monday, November 28, 2022

Photo album


Belated Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some photos from my holiday with family:

                                                                   Me and Grandma

My sister Val with Grandma

Dinner time! Mom with us this time. 

                                          My sister's wedding in October. What a joyful day for us all!


Sunday, August 21, 2022

Highlights from my vacation

 Hello, all! I hope your summer has been blessed. Mine has, and I'd like to share about it. 

I had a chance to see and spend time with friends, family, and sisters in community. Here are some highlights, though I spent time with other friends and family members, too. 

The sisters in NJ went for a boat ride on Lake Hopatcong and I got to join them. 

                                                           I went to see my dad, too. We had a nice dinner.

I spent time with my friend in community, S. Dong Hong. This is us at the lake.

I also saw my sisters and Mom.

It was a gorgeous day on Lake Hopatcong! We even saw a rainbow.

S. Dong Hong and I went to American Dreams in East Rutherford. It's a family entertainment center and huge mall. These photos are from the Saks Fifth Avenue Section. 

That mall has a large Ferris Wheel with breathtaking views of New York City!