Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Here are some more photos! These are of me with various sisters at different events.

It's been so long since we "talked", I thought this would be a nice way of catching up with each other!

   After our pilgrimage, Sister Dong Hong and I went to one of our convents in Wisconsin, where one of our Felician candidates, Barb, lives. She and her roommate cooked us an amazing dinner and Barb even took us out on the lake in her boat!

During our community Chapter, the temporary professed group went out for ice cream together. This was right before my perpetual vows!

This is me with Sister Sharon, who was my novice director. Sister had knee surgery a month before, but she came out for my Mass of Thanksgiving in Lodi, which meant so much to me!
A group of sisters from the convent in Enfield, CT went to Red Robin to the fundraiser to support the Little Sisters of the Poor, our neighbors.
Sisters Maryann Agnes, Lawrence, and myself went to the Big E, which is the state fair for the New England region of the US. This is us taking our coffee break. As you can tell, it was a gorgeous day.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Perpetual Vows Mass

My Mass of Thanksgiving was to celebrate me making perpetual vows with the community. I made my perpetual vows in Chicago on August 2.

Our profession candles. We lit them as part of the ceremonies to renew our temporary vows and lit them again when we made perpetuals.
The procession going into chapel. 
The procession continues!
Processing to our seats.
Sister Dong Hong and myself singing the opening song for the Mass.
The priests who are concelebrating. 
Sister Judy sings the Psalm for the Mass.
The archbishop reads the Gospel. 

After declaring perpetual vows, Sister Dong Hong and myself receive our rings.
We sing the Magnificat in thanksgiving and praise!

Mass of Thanksgiving in Lodi, NJ

The opening procession.

S. Mary Antonelle reads the first reading at the Mass.

                                                      Sister Mary Juanita reads the Intercessions for the Mass.

My mom and dad bringing up the gifts for Eucharist.

                                                   Sister Dong Hong and I renewing our vows.
The sisters extend a blessing on Sister Dong Hong and myself.
Fr. Noel proclaims the homily at the Mass.
                                                                         The celebrants!
Sister Dong Hong and myself with Sister Sharon, our novice director.
Sister Dong Hong and myself with Councilors Sisters Suzanne, Connie, and Janet.

Pilgrimage Information

Hello again!

I realize that this rather like putting the cart before the horse, as the adage says.

I went on a pilgrimage in spring 2017, a historical pilgrimage walking in the footsteps of our foundress, Blessed Mary Angela, and Saints Francis, Clare, and Felix. We started in Warsaw, Poland, where Blessed Mary Angela started the community. Then we went to Cracow, where she lived for many years. We saw her bedroom, the kneeler that she would pray at, and the Archive and Museum of Blessed Mary Angela.

It was part of the preparation for my perpetual vows. I also participated in classes, in Polonia, Wisconsin and Chicago. Polonia is the place where our sisters first came from Poland, real Felician holy ground.

The pilgrimage was a time of prayer and community. We stayed with our sisters in Poland and Rome, and they often accompanied us on our tours and prayer services.