Monday, November 28, 2022

Photo album


Belated Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some photos from my holiday with family:

                                                                   Me and Grandma

My sister Val with Grandma

Dinner time! Mom with us this time. 

                                          My sister's wedding in October. What a joyful day for us all!


Sunday, August 21, 2022

Highlights from my vacation

 Hello, all! I hope your summer has been blessed. Mine has, and I'd like to share about it. 

I had a chance to see and spend time with friends, family, and sisters in community. Here are some highlights, though I spent time with other friends and family members, too. 

The sisters in NJ went for a boat ride on Lake Hopatcong and I got to join them. 

                                                           I went to see my dad, too. We had a nice dinner.

I spent time with my friend in community, S. Dong Hong. This is us at the lake.

I also saw my sisters and Mom.

It was a gorgeous day on Lake Hopatcong! We even saw a rainbow.

S. Dong Hong and I went to American Dreams in East Rutherford. It's a family entertainment center and huge mall. These photos are from the Saks Fifth Avenue Section. 

That mall has a large Ferris Wheel with breathtaking views of New York City! 

Saturday, July 2, 2022



Two weeks ago, I attended the GIVEN Forum. It's a leadership conference for young adult women up to the age of 30. During the week, we prayed together and shared our faith. We heard talks from professional speakers and spent time getting to know each other, too. 

This is my small group. We met each day to discuss the talks we heard and the experiences we shared. 

 The other members of my small group, enjoying a good joke. 

One more group shot! 

And another! What a great group!

The group shot! There were sisters, lay women, consecrated laity, and the young women at the conference.

At one of the talks!

Here we are, gathered for prayer at Eucharistic Adoration. 

Saturday, May 14, 2022

News from the Felician Archive (straight from the archivist!)

 Hello! I hope all's well for you in your part of the world. I've been pretty busy. You can probably tell, since it's been some time since I posted to this blog. My biggest task (my ministry, really) is the archive. As the archivist for the province, I'm responsible for the newly created Felician Archive in the Welcome Center for Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan. 

I'm not doing this alone, though, and that's the biggest piece of news. With the support of the leadership of my community, and our Human Resources department, I have hired four Archive Assistants. They work a total of 22 hours a week, at an average of 3 hours a week each. Three of them are university students, two of which have taken library and archive classes. The fourth is a retired gentleman. They've been working since the end of March and are continuing until the end of May. I'll be rehiring in the fall.

The Archive Assistants have been helping me with a number of projects that involve processing documents into the archive system. The transition from working the archive to being a manager of workers has been an interesting one. It's my first time being a boss so it's definitely a shift! But I enjoy teaching them about archives and guiding them through the archive process. It's fulfilling to mentor others. It also frees me up to take a more big-picture view of the development of the new archive. 

That's where the rest of the developments are found. I work with our IT manager to develop some technological aspects of the archive. I attend meetings with our IT manager and the MasterTrak company about a bar code scanning system for locating and organizing archive boxes. I'm active in the archive field, attending conferences and being active in archive groups. I also plan which projects each Archive Assistant will work on and buy office products that they need to do those tasks. 

This summer, I'll balance archive tasks with travelling and other activities. I hope the bar code system will be ready before the fall, so those Archive Assistants can help set that up, and I plan on doing what I can to make that happen. Too, I look forward to putting more thought into the  Felician Archive Assistant program. I bought a book about how to have interns in the archive (Who knew such a book existed?!?) and want to get some good ideas from it. 

Until next time! 

S. Grace