Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Finally - here is my latest!

I thought I would do the blog installment about my summer in a series of photos with explanations.
For this one: I was able to attend my cousin's wife's baby shower. The family gathered to celebrate the upcoming birth of their baby girl.

I got my face painted on the last day of camp.

I helped at the Summer Bible Camp at St. Turibius parish in Chicago. I was the music teacher and taught them dances and hand motions to go with the songs. This is a photo of the craft room.

In Chicago we hosted a block Mass. The sisters of the convent baked hundreds of cupcakes and prepared hundreds of hot dogs. The Mass was beautiful and the reception afterward was a big success!  

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Busy month of May

We are celebrating May as a month that is truly dedicated to the Blessed Mother. The school and the Catechism class had May Crowing. The students sang hymns to Mary and prayed the rosary together. In my Religion classes, we are starting class by praying a decade of the rosary. The students are also working on Mary altars. They use shoeboxes, votive candles, rosary beads, and an image of the Blessed Mother to make the Mary altar. We will display them in the hallway outside the 4th grade classrooms. They are often very sweet and pretty to look at; other students and teachers stop to admire them. I've already had a few handed in early and they are lovely! 

We are getting ready to move out of our convent. Two of the sisters that I live with are preparing to move to a row house that they are leasing in Detroit. Another sister and I are packing and cleaning for our own moves. Felicity is going to a city that is 45 minutes away and I am going to Pittsburgh. This is the first weekend that I have had a chance to pack, and it's about time! I am driving my belongings out there next week. Once I got started, though, it wasn't hard to do it. Especially when I started giving away, throwing away, and recycling things! 

Monday, April 27, 2015

April update

We had our long-awaited Spring Break. It's a funny thing about breaks like that; they seem to take a long time to come and then they pass so quickly! Mine started with the Triduum, because Easter Week was really our Spring Break. I was able to make it a retreat, which I really like to do on our high holy days. The quiet, the personal prayer time, and of course, the religious services and Masses made it a powerful time for prayer and reflection on the last days of Jesus' human life. We took part in all the services and Masses at the big convent out here. 

On Easter Sunday I joined the sisters at the big convent for Mass, prayers, and breakfast, as well as for dinner. The others were away that day, and the other sisters showed me such great hospitality and real affection that I had a lovely day. I called my family, too, and then enjoyed getting back what I gave up for Lent. It felt good to get back on I-tunes! I really only had an issue when I was alone in the house Easter Sunday night. The house has never been scarier! I had a hard time sleeping alone here, but I survived. One of the sisters returned on Monday with her grand-nephew in tow. I got some games from my classroom; he is in the fourth grade, so I had plenty that he would be interested in. We played Apples and Apples, Uno, and Go Fish for hours. 

On Easter Tuesday my mom and grandma came out to Michigan to see me. I showed them the sights around here, taking care to bring them to the neat places that I had found since coming out here. They were most impressed by the Town Peddler, a second-hand, antique, and specialty items store near the convent. We all went to Frankenmuth, MI for the first time at the end of the week. It was all decorated for Easter, and the shops are set up to look like a village in Bavaria, Germany. They had a huge store that just sold Christmas items. One of the other sisters was home with us during their visit and she showed them such lovely hospitality. 

Feb. Update

It's been very cold out here in Michigan! We got over a foot of snow in one storm and then two snow days. Now we have two days off for a mid-winter's break. The timing of both was excellent! The snow days came on the heels of Catholic Schools Week; the rest was needed after that.  The days off happened after a weekend of hospitality and visiting. It was a lovely time but I was glad for the quiet afterwards. Besides, I had laundry, cleaning, and personal errands to do. 

My temporary professed director came out from Wisconsin for my yearly visitation. It's an informal evaluation of how I'm  doing in my ministry and local home. It's nice when Sr. Barbara comes, too, because she is more one of us than a guest. She gets right in there, helping out, and sharing stories with us. We went out to dinner with my mentor and out to see a movie.