Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Finally - here is my latest!

I thought I would do the blog installment about my summer in a series of photos with explanations.
For this one: I was able to attend my cousin's wife's baby shower. The family gathered to celebrate the upcoming birth of their baby girl.

I got my face painted on the last day of camp.

I helped at the Summer Bible Camp at St. Turibius parish in Chicago. I was the music teacher and taught them dances and hand motions to go with the songs. This is a photo of the craft room.

In Chicago we hosted a block Mass. The sisters of the convent baked hundreds of cupcakes and prepared hundreds of hot dogs. The Mass was beautiful and the reception afterward was a big success!  


  1. Thank you for giving us a "glimpse" into your life, Sr. Grace Marie. It gives us hope to see young vocations--in a habit--living a communal life with such apostolic zeal (and joy!).
    Your simple (and identifiable!) garb is a witness in itself. Hopefully, the majority of Felician sisters now in near-lay clothes will come to recognize that.
    God bless you!

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